Diagnosing Lipedema


History and Physical Exam




There's an App for that!

  • App that compares images of one's legs to a database of diagnosed legs

  • Leg shape assessment, along the lines of the "Like a Glove" brand jeans fitter to determine "big legs"

Soft Tissue Imaging

  • MRI

  • CT

  • Ultrasound

  • Airport scanners (no really, some of us light up as we walk through them!)

Lymph Vessel Imaging


  • Lymphoscintigraphy - Currently used to rule out lymphedema

  • SPY Elite

Imaging of Fat Content

  • DEXA (1, 2)

Changes in Biochemical / Bio-mechanical Properties

  • Na-MRI

Assessing blood capillary fragility

  • Angiosterometer

Water Volume Measurements

  • Streeten Test


References (in development)


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2  “Fat Distribution and Glucose Metabolism in Individuals with and without Williams Syndrome” (NCT01864304)